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Project Portfolio


Owner/General: Chobani

Project: Chobani Expansion


Architect/Engineer: Elite Edge Engineers


Owner/General: Clif Bar – McAlvain Construction

Project: Clif Bar Plant – Twin Falls, ID

Description: Excavation and Backfill of Concrete, Underslab MEP Excavation



Owner/General: Fabri-Kal

Project: Fabri-Kal Pure Pulp Factory Burley, ID

Description: Complete Sitework & Site Utilities Package

Architect/Engineer: Rediesel Engineering



Owner/General: WOW Logistics

Project: Warehouse Expansion

Description: 193,500 Sqft Warehouse expansion with complete Sitework and Utilities package.



Owner/General: Jerome School District – Starr Corporation

Project: Jerome School Horizon Elementary Site Remodel

Description: Removal and resurfacing of Apshalt Parking lots

Architect/Engineer: EHM Engineers, Inc.



Owner/General: Brighton Point Subdivision

Project: Emerald Subdivision

Architect/Engineer: Babcock Design Group



Owner / General: Idaho Power – Slayden Construction Group – Erik Helms

Project: Shoshone Falls Power Plant

Description: Sitework subcontractor –Demolition of existing site conditions, Rock hammering of channel for water diversion & excavate & prep footings, foundations, & slabs.

Architect/Engineer: Kleinschmidt



Owner / General: Glanbia Foods – Big D Construction – Doug Rowe

Project: Glanbia Gooding Polished Water & North Sump Pump

Description: Sitework & Site Utilities subcontractor –Demolition of existing site conditions, build building pad & excavate & prep footings, foundations, & slabs.  Parking lot preparation & asphalt paving & patching.  Installation of process piping (HDPE fusion) for process drains. Excavation of sump pump, included rock removal.

Architect/Engineer: Mead Hunt



Owner / General: City of Twin Falls – Petersen Brothers Construction

Project: Joslin Field Airport Snow Removal Building

Description: 18000 CY excavation of embankment to build building pad, Install water main & sewer pipe.

Architect/Engineer: Rediesel Engineering



Owner / General: Shaw Farms - A&G Irrigation

Project: Shaw 750 Waterline Project

Description: Install approx. 15000 linear feet of irrigation pipe ranging from 12” to 30” pipe. Project included rock removal, canal embankment excavation & backfill.



Owner / General: City of American Falls –RSCI

Project: Waste Water Treatment Plant

Description: Sitework & Site Utilities subcontractor – Demolish existing building tanks to allow for new building & tanks. Excavation of 3 building structures & tanks – included rock removal in some locations. Installation of Sewer piping for treatment plant. Final road construction of subgrade & base prep of roads & parking areas & landscape preparation.

Architect/Engineer: Keller & Associates



Owner / General: City of Twin Falls – McAlvain Construction

Project: Chobani Pretreatment Facility

Description: Sitework & Site Utilities subcontractor – Clearing & Grubbing of site, build building pad & excavate & prep footings, foundations, & slabs. Road Construction of Highland Ave., Parking Lot Preparation, & Gravel Surfacing. Installation of all process piping Glass-lined ductile iron pipe for Chobani waste materials.

Architect/Engineer: CH2MHill



Owner / General:Sun Valley Company

Project: Music Pavilion

Description: Site work and utilities- Excavation of a 30 deep hole for main structure all stadium prep.


Other Projects

Owner / General: City of Wendell

Project: City of Wendell Waste Water Improvements Phase III

Description: Removal & installation of approximately 4000 LF of sewer pipe, construction of new headworks structure inlet piping. Removal & Installation of 600 LF of waterline pipe.

Architect/Engineer: JUB Engineering


Owner / General: Gem State Processing

Project: Gem State Processing Facility

Description: Installation of Site Utilities


Owner / General: City of Rupert

Project: Eliminate Lift Station #5

Description: Removal of Lift Station & Installation of Sewer pipe, Asphalt Street repair


Owner / General: Telford Farms

Project: Potato Cellar

Description: Construct a 280’ x 60’ potato cellar – included excavation of footings, concrete foundations, asphalt flooring, metal framing & roofing structure.


Owner / General: Sun Valley Company

Project: Sun Valley Company Gas Line

Description: Installation of 1500 linear feet of Gas Line through fully landscaped grounds with minimal disruption to grounds & surrounding landscaping.


Owner / General: City of Hailey - Kreizenbeck Constructors

Project: Rodeo Arena

Description: Excavation of Footing & Foundations, provide soil & grading for Arena

Architect/Engineer: Ruscitto/Latham/Blanton Architectural P.A.


Owner / General: Church of Jesus Christ of Ladder Day Saints - Jacobsen Construction, Inc.

Project: LDS Skyline Ward

Description: Clearing & Grubbing of site, Build building pad & dig & backfill footing, foundations, & slabs. Excavation & prep of parking lots. Site utilities including traffic rated storm drain infiltrator system.

Architect/Engineer: James K. Lystrup Architect


Owner / General: City of Rupert

Project: Elimination of lift station #6.

Description: Removal of lift station - Included 4,100 lf of sewer main line up to 15 inch pipe.   Road  Reconstruction   and asphalt paving.

Architect/Engineer: PEC Engineering


Owner / General: City of Inkom

Project: City water improvement project

Description: Included a 220,000 gallon water tank 10,000 LF of 12 inch water main, pipe bursting and boring under the interstate.

Architect/Engineer: Dyer Group LLC


Owner / General: City of Buhl

Project: Buhl Water Treatment Plant

Description: All site work which includes installation of water line main up to 20 inch ductile, storm piping, vaults for meters, and under-slab piping.

Architect/Engineer: Forsgren  Associates, Inc.


Owner / General: Sun Valley Company

Project: Roundhouse Gondola

Description: All site work which including excavation up to 26 feet deep in rock on the mountain ski slope and backfilling of foundations, site utilities to the structures, and site grading.

Architect/Engineer: Ruscitto/Latham/Blanton Architectural P.A.


Owner / General: Sun Valley Company

Project: Trail Creek Sewer Extension

Description: Install 10,000 lineal feet of new sewer main pipe up to 12 inch. Installation depths up to 21 feet deep. Cut road to subgrade, prep subbase & base for road construction asphalt paving. Date Complete- summer of 2008

Architect/Engineer: Benchmark Associates


Owner / General: Sun Valley Company

Project: Trail Creek Water Line Extension

Description: Install 5400 lineal feet of 10 inch water main. Date Complete-Summer of 2007

Architect/Engineer: Benchmark Associates

 Industry References

Petersen Brothers Construction

Jeremy Petersen- (208) 358-4768


Hayes Construction:

Chris Hayes- (208) 543-5704


Starr Corporation

Mike Arrington- (208) 733-5695


McAlvain Construction, Inc.

Ferd Smith- (208) 830-1971

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