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Excavation Contractor in Twin Falls Idaho

gp4 Are you looking for an expert “Excavation Contractor in Twin Falls Idaho”? Extreme Excavation offers excellent services for a variety of public works and construction needs. Extreme Excavation provides the following services to the commercial, residential, and public works communities within a 100 mile radius of Shoshone, Idaho: excavation and grading, underground utilities, demolition, rock removal and clearing, trucking and hauling, and complex septic systems.

gp5Extreme Excavation is located in Shoshone, Idaho. They utilize better technology and experience to complete quality projects for their variety of customers. The care and forethought exuded from all the members of the Extreme Excavation team make this company one of the most trusted in the area.

Extreme Excavation has a vast equipment fleet and spectacular workforce to make us a complete earth excavation company. Extreme Excavation builds its reputation by meeting and successfully completing tough and unique site preparation and earth excavation tasks.

gp6They specialize in excavation services whether it is for residential, commercial, or industrial projects. For residential, they do digging from trenches, basements, or septic tanks to clearing off and grading your whole lot.  For commercial projects, they can clear and grade your lot in an efficient and cost effective manner. Their company is licensed and bonded and stands behind the work performed. They have a variety of equipment and they can handle a variety of commercial needs. Their experience is huge enough to cater any industrial excavation projects.

So if you are still searching for an “Excavation Contractor in Twin Falls Idaho”, Extreme Excavation is your best choice!